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Baughan Productions, Inc.

What We Do:

Who We Are:

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Video Camera Crew Studio

Baughan Productions (pronounced "Bon"), Inc. is a licensed and insured video camera crew and production company located in Summit County, Colorado. We are 60 miles west of Denver in the Rocky Mountains, USA.

We provide professional video camera crews for producers in broadcast, cable and corporate television. Since 1987, our full service video and media production facility serves clients from concept to distribution.

Timothy Baughan Nixon started Baughan Productions, inc. after working as a staff video producer and manager at several facilities. Tim holds a B. S. degree in Communications and now has 30 years of experience.


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Video Production:

Location and studio crews with several video production packages available. Video crew sizes range form one person or more, depending on project requirements and quoted budget.


Video Editing:

High Definition editing with graphics, animation, music, color correction and audio sweetening. Final mastering to most formats, including your own private web page for reviewing and approving works in progress.


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Overheard From Clients


Slam Dunk Colorado Video Production Location Colorado Video Production Aspen Interview

"Tim is an editor, as well as a director of photography, so he knows how each shot is going to cut. I trust him"

-A. K./ Producer at Comcast Media

"You guys set-up faster and shot this show smoother than even our studio crew, and we're on location!"

-D. B. / Money TV

"You're the only interviewer who said that this would only take 20 minutes and actually kept his promise."

A. L./ Rocky Mountain Institute

Colorado Video Production Interview Commercial Hunter S. Thompson

"I can see that I didn't need to fly out here from L.A. to do these interviews."

- K. C./ Skip Films

"The lighting, the sound, the composition, working with my client, all perfect."

J. G./ JGS Media

"That's pretty good shooting! Want to trade that tripod for my night vision googles?"

-Hunter S. Thompson/ Author